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It’s the jewish valentains day today and some of us might found ourselves standing infront of our closet choosing an outfit.
So what can we wear? because some of you might have a first dates, some after a few months of relationship and some that celebrating with a long years partner I choose for you two options that can fit them all.

As you can tell I choose two dresses in different fits and colors.
The first one is a deep pink chiffon dress with long sleeves. Don’t give that “it summer” look. We are talking about chiffon fabric and it’s not hot if you are in a place with an air condition. This dress shows sophistication but also has a fun vibe.
The second dress has a floral print and she is less mature from the other one. She is lighter and if you want to look like you didn’t put much of an effort -I will go for her.
With both of them I decided to attach a massive black wedges¬†sandals so it will give some roughness into the look. I don’t like when it’s getting the too sweet /sticky feeling of “love holiday”. We still want to look cool and chic right? :)

Wish you all love today and all year :)

The outfits

Pink dress: Asos (similar to this)

Floral print dress: Miss Selfridge

Wedges: Asos

Earrings: Magnolia



Photo editing: Alon Gilboa


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