• It’s getting hot in here!





What can we do to stay cool in this weather? It’s getting hotter and hotter and clothes are getting thinner and lighter. So how do we look elegant without suffocating in thick clothing fabrics?

First of all, we need to remember to dress for both hot weather outside and various levels of air conditioning inside. Finding the right balance between these temperatures is not easy, but this outfit is an excellent example of how to do that. The blazer is thin and fitting for a day inside the office. The shorts are sophisticated but colorful – as fun and cool as a summer breeze when you step into the sun!


The Outfit

Blazer: Crazy Line

Blouse: Mother’s

Pants: Castro (similar to this)

Shoes: Nine West

Sunglasses: Ray Ban (similar to this)

Earrings: Shelly Dahari

Ring: Maayan Agmon Kehati



Photographers: Tslil Agmon & Shahar Lev

Hair: Erez Elbaz 


The hot summer color in an amazing daytime outfit