My name is Reut Shechter and I am 25 years old, with a BA in Communications and living in Israel. I am easily-recognized by my uncontrollable “Yoplait smile” and I lead a fast-paced life, not unlike Taz, the Tasmanian devil. Call me a “Passionista” for my passion for fashion, but I also have a deep love for music, dancing and writing. I realize that fashion was a significant part of my life when I noticed how clothes catch my attention when I meet new people. In my point of view, clothes say a lot about human nature, taste and what a person wants to convey, whether intentionally or not. If it were up to me, I would live in my closet -but go shopping from time to time to freshen up. I get inspiration for my outfits from people on the street, fashion magazines and anything else that catches my eye.


After a year of “cooking”, I decided to give wings to my passion for fashion and set up “Working Nine to Five” to show women like me, with an average closet, that you can dress chic without much effort and without going into debt. My desire is for this blog to be an inspiration to its readers – to help them keep an open mind and dare to wear combinations that suit their personalities on the one hand and their figures on the other.


Since I am a proponent of elegance and the impression it leaves on people, I decided to focus on this style, but with injections of trends, tips and other elements that complement this style. Some outfits are what I call “hardcore elegant” for the courageous among you, and some are “elegant-lite”, for those who prefer to keep it classic. I will occasionally point out a necessary item -or a must-have item- that your closet should contain. However, I will also note more unique, more luxurious items for those who want to be EXTRA bold.


“Working Nine to Five” is based on personal taste, which means that some items will appeal to readers more than others, but I believe that each reader can take the inspiration from this blog to her private closet and blend it with personal taste.


My dream is to dress the members of Israel’s Knesset since I think there is a need for a change -both inside and out- and I hope that one day, the Knesset passageway will showcase fashion that is chic. And who knows- maybe they will anchor that in legislation.Finally, I would like to thank the people who helped this dream become a reality, who leveraged their experience in each of their fields: Omri Ariav, Jen Macadar, Shay Erez, Liron Weissman, Casey Stein and Omer Harpaz.


I invite you to follow me on several social networks and to contact me about anything that comes to mind. I’d be happy to hear your opinions, reviews, questions, thoughts, comments on the outfits, and more.